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Obelisk Jar No. 1

Obelisk Jar No. 1

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This item is One of a Kind.

There is only one available and more will most likely never be made.

This jar can be used as a general-purpose tall jar or even a monostem vase. But Obelisk Jar is much more than that, it's an accessory to Temple Crucible. It's designed to hold sticks of incense while beautifully accentuating your décor. Inspired by my 2017 trip to Egypt, this 9½ inch tall jar is a true statement piece.

Recommended incense stick height: approx. 8¼ in.


Dimensions (approx.)

Height: approx. 9½ in. Base Dia.: approx. 3½ in. Base Interior Ht.: 6-15/16 in (176 mm). Lid Interior Ht.: 2-6/16 in (60 mm).

Care Instructions


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