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Whether you're a boutique, restaurant, museum, bar, or private individual, DEEP BLACK has something for you. 



AVAILABLE NOW. There are two options for purchasing Wholesale, Faire and Bulletin. Both platforms have identical products, prices, and lead times, so please use the platform of your preference. If you don't belong to either, please be sure to sign up to the platform of your choice using my referral code to get an exclusive discount. If you would like a custom clay, glaze, form, or more, please contact me.

COMING SOON. A full linesheet will be available by EOY.



COMING SOON. A hospitality-specific lookbook and linesheet will be posted here by EOY. Please get in touch regarding your project.



COMING SOON. Custom work is closed for the remainder of 2022 but will be available again in January 2023. There's no such thing as starting too soon so please reach out. Bespoke clients, whether businesses or private individuals, receive special attention and a high-touch experience; client referrals are available.


Stockists + Collabs

I'm honored to be featured in over a dozen boutiques, retailers, restaurants, and shops all across the US.

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