Return + Breakage Policies

Return Policy

Updated 5/19/2020. All sales are final. At this time, I do not accept returns for any reason. I take every precaution to safeguard the pieces from damage in transit, but accidents do happen during shipping. Should an item arrive broken I will do everything in my power to make it right. I want you to have a great purchase experience, but there are certain time-sensitive procedures that must be followed. Please follow the Breakage Policy below if you wish to pursue a refund or exchange of a broken piece.


Breakage Policy

Updated 5/19/2020. Upon receiving your package, please immediately inspect the outside for damage. As you take each piece out and unwrap it, inspect it for breakage. Don’t throw any packaging away until all pieces have been inspected — this is important for filing a claim. If the order contains a gift, I suggest opening the package to inspect the contents and then re-sealing it.

Please take a picture of the site of the break on the item, the broken pieces of the item, the packaging in the box, and any spots of damage on the outside of the box. I purchase shipping insurance for every package and these pictures are required for reimbursement by the insurer.

If you receive a broken piece, please notify me by email at within 24 hours of receipt. I will not honor claims made after 24 hours for any reason. Your email must include all of the following:

  1. Your order number
  2. A picture of any marks or damage on the outside of the package
  3. A picture of the packaging inside of the box
  4. A picture of the site of the break on the item(s)
  5. A picture of the broken pieces of the item(s)

    Once I’ve verified eligibility for a claim you will have the choice of either a refund (full or partial depending on the number of broken pieces) or an exchange for similar value items. At this time I cannot issue store credit, although I wish to be able to in the near future.

    • If you desire a refund, I will issue it within 24 hours of your request, and funds should be returned to your original payment account around 5-7 business days. Please note that I have no control over the timing of the transfer of funds. Once a refund is issued, no more claims may be made for that order.
    • If you desire an exchange, please indicate which pieces you want and I will ship out a new package within 72 hours at no cost to you. Please note that if there are any breakages in this follow-up package, no refund or exchange claims will be honored, but a discount code may be issued for future purchases.