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Obsidian Cycle I

Obsidian Cycle I

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Obsidian is a subscription box like no other — 3 months, 3 themes, 3 boxes, 3 pieces in each, and only 3 openings. Watch the reveal→

3 Months

Each month a new theme sets the stage for at least 3 ceramic works in each box with a combined value of at least $150. While the pieces will always be a surprise, they’ll always be functional. Some will be things you’ve seen before but with a new spin, some will be the first releases of new forms, and some will be exclusive one-of-a-kinds that won’t ever be made again. While there is an overarching message to the entire subscription cycle, each month’s box brings a fresh perspective and its own topic. Each box is meticulously designed to be a multi-sensory and lasting experience from beginning to end.

The Guide

The Guide in each box ties everything together. In each Guide you’ll find: a deep dive into the month’s theme, descriptions of the ceramic works included, how best to use them, a link to the month's curated playlist (Apple Music and Spotify), reflection prompts, and a mindful activity. And each month, the front side of the Guide showcases a different work of art from a specially-selected creator of color that relates to the month’s theme. These works have been commissioned just for Obsidian — just for you.

Obsidian is meant to encourage reflection. Each month, the prompts in the Guide gently nudge you into the mindset of the month's theme. Whether you want to journal the prompts, talk about them with your friends, or just think on them during a walk, they will encourage you to connect with the month’s theme on a deeper level. To conclude the month’s message, supplies for a specially-designed mindful activity are included in each box. These are fun, simple, mindful pastimes that may just spark a new hobby. While you’re thinking on the prompts and working on your activity, vibe out to the playlist curated specifically for each month.

One More Thing

Obsidian forms the foundation for many new DEEP BLACK offerings in 2022. As founding members, your perks extend far beyond the three months of this first cycle. You’ll receive secret bonuses that will be revealed throughout the remainder of the year. These perks will not be offered outside of an Obsidian membership and some will forever be exclusive to you as a founding member.


This cycle is paid for in full at checkout so you'll get all three boxes for one flat fee, and shipping is included. At checkout you'll enter a few details about the recipient of the cycle (because it makes a fabulous gift), and then there's nothing more to do. Your first box will be mailed on January 3rd, 2022.

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