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Morro I

Morro I

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Speckled brown mono-stem stoneware ceramic vase glazed on the interior only with a rich glossy topaz brown glaze.

The Multivase Project is a voyage into unknown spaces of functionality. Each vase is a complete thought, expressed in clay. Morro I asks: What if a vase could only hold one stem?

This journey starts exactly where you’d expect — how far back can we scale this whole vase thing? I envisioned this vase sitting atop a stack of books on a grand dining table with just a single branch held artfully. I chose a Speckled Brown clay body as it’s rich and visually commanding. The glaze is Topaz, to complement the clay and reveal more detail when the sun hits it.

The Multivase Project is also performance art: each work showcases a botanical arrangement created on-the-spot with foraged florals. I’ve always wanted to create something to present a single tree branch and the lowest bough of the ancient Pecan tree in my backyard obliged. I squeezed a couple twigs into the center receptacle to get it to sit up on its own. There’s ample room in the vessel for water which would help to weigh it down further.

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Dimensions (approx.)

Diameter: 4¾ in. Height: 5¼ in. Stem Depth: 2¾ in.

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