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Temple Crucible (Made to Order)

Temple Crucible (Made to Order)

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This item is Made to Order.

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The all-purpose incense burner has been reborn. Capable of burning any kind of incense or smudge, this is the burner for incense people. With a short foot, sharp curves, and generous size, it's designed to make a statement on your altar, coffee table, or wherever you need some vibes.

Included are a pebble and plate. The pebble is for the more common bamboo-core stick incense. Set it on the crucible to catch the ashes and you're good to go. You can burn cone incense directly on the crucible. And should it ever get gunky you can just toss it in the dishwasher to restore it to perfection.

To burn smudge or palo santo, simply set the included plate on the extra-thique rim, set a votive candle on the base, and place your smudge on the plate. The raw surface of the plate and base helps to holds things in place. Adjust your combustible back or forward to get the smolder that works for you. And experiment with different votive sizes and styles — I prefer the taller extended burn ones.

Temple Crucible is designed for even the rarest incense. Joss incense — stick incense without the bamboo stick core — is easy to burn. Fill the crucible with rice, salt, or sand (my preference, collected in the light of a full moon), stick the incense in, burn, then extinguish. Resin and compressed incense can be burned on a charcoal disc on top of sand, just be sure to open a window. Rope incense can be burnt on sand or directly on the base. And lastly — for those of us who are really into incense — Temple Crucible is perfect for incense powder. The generous size and minimal glazing let the clay frame the beautiful ritual.

This is just the beginning of the journey for Temple Crucible. I have several innovative accessories planned to make it extraordinarily versatile.

Best of DEEP BLACK    Kemet    Made to Order   

Dimensions (approx.)

Diameter: 6¾ in. Height: 1¾ in.
Plate Height: ½ in.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave-safe.

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