The Chrysler Museum Shop

The Chrysler Museum Shop

I am beyond thrilled to announce the newest member of the DEEP BLACK fam: The Chrysler Museum Shop! With a 113-piece collection, this is the single largest wholesale order yet!

Spanning multiple Ramekins, Wide Ramekins, Snack Bowls, Spoon Rests, Cappuccino Cups, and Espresso Cups in 10 dazzling glazes, it's a technicolor vision. As if alllll that’s not enough, we collaborated on a set of custom Bud Vases and large angular Vases that you may remember seeing.

I’ve visited the inimitable Chrylser Museum of Art many, many times throughout my adolesence, so this is the very definition of a full-circle moment for me. 12-year-old Sherród beams with pride. ☺️


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