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Tableware Today

I’ve been dying to share this with y’all — I’m incredibly honored to announce I’m featured in the latest issue of esteemed trade publication Tableware Today. For almost 30 years, Tableware Today has reported on vendors, retailers, designers, shows, and trends across the entire tabletop industry. You can read the entire issue right on Tableware Today’s site.

Editor-in-Chief Amy Stavis and I spent a solid 3 hours talking. This is a true feature, 6 pages front-and-back, that had me starting allll the way back in childhood. Amy was a phenomenal interviewer, stopping to confirm dates and concepts as we talked. We talked at length about how I grew up, my artistic influences, and the many moments that led me to DEEP BLACK.

I felt Amy was a respectful steward of my story and particularly aware of the need to elevate younger black and brown makers. I’m truly in love with how Amy treated my photos. She requested hundreds of photos from me and even creatively altered some to enhance the layout of the article, which I was so incredibly delighted to see. She also gave me heaps of fabulous advice, some of which you’ll see come to fruition very soon.


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