Bia Blooms

Bia Blooms

Tabia, the force behind Bia Blooms, and I been talmbout doing this collab for a good year and some change. Right before Christmas we got together and came up with a design thats minimal, playful, chic, and deferential to her amazing bouquets. I made around a dozen prototypes, and once we were happy with the form I went into production mode.

This vase was fun to design and a challenge to produce. The angular form is thrown to specific dimensions in one piece, with all of the shaping done on the wheel. I put in the waves with my fingers then use a metal rib to get nice clean lines. In my classes, I teach throwing the exact form you want and then trimming just to reduce weight and refine it.

Once it’s cleaned up, it gets bisque fired to turn the clay into ceramic. Now we did lots of tests and decided to glaze it in Quartz, top to bottom, to showcase the color of the clay body. I found the easiest way to glaze it was just to dunk it in the glaze and spin it around chile.

After a quick touch up and second firing, we had a collection of custom-made vases that pair beautifully with Bia Blooms’ stunning arrangements.


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