Bayberry Garden

Bayberry Garden

Located in Providence’s Innovation District, Bayberry Garden is the second restaurant in the city from husband-wife team, Tom and Natalie Dennen (of Bayberry Beer Hall). Bayberry Garden offers a uniquely New England-inspired dining experience that melds creative seasonal dishes, a sustainable raw bar, and exploratory wine, cocktail and beer lists, with immersive restaurant design.

Working very closely with Bayberry's General Manager and Owner, I created well over 200 pieces of tableware for the restaurant. Bayberry has a very specific style, color palette, and visual language that the ceramics must fit into. We tested well over 35 different glazes to find just the right colors that would harmonize within the restaurant but let the dishes stand out on the table. Each form is custom-designed exclusively for Bayberry, vetted and edited by the Head Chef and Front of House.

Photos courtesy of Ezra Pollard.


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