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Altar Candelabrum

Altar Candelabrum

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This chic mini candlestick holder is designed to fit onto any altar and look just as good on your dining table. While its receptacle is generous in size, it's specifically designed for smaller candlesticks five inches or shorter. Briefly light the base of the candlestick then press onto the base of the candelabrum and you're good to go.

The compact size and intentional design let you safely keep a little candle nearby for rituals, late-night tarot readings, or even just journaling in bed (a small candle makes an excellent phone-free timer). In fact, I highly recommend getting a few: one to adorn your altar and several to scatter down your dining table. Nothing transforms a meal — and a ritual — like the soft glow of candle light.

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Dimensions (approx.)

Overall Diameter: 2¾ in. Height: 1⅓ in.
Receptacle Diameter: 1 in. Depth: ¾ in.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave-safe. To remove candle wax, freeze for a few hours then tap against your hand.

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