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4" Planter

4" Planter

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Say hello to the planter of your dreams. This planter is actually two parts: a tall footless cylinder with a drainage hole sits upon a color-and-clay-matched plinth that serves as a drip basin. The planter vessel is generously sized for a 4-inch plant to have ample room to root and grow. It all works just as you'd expect — as you water your plant, excess water is invisibly drained into the plinth. This lets you avoid over-watering and dispose of the waste water without mess.

The plinth is also designed to give your plant babies prominence. Too many planters draw focus away from the plant itself; the DEEP BLACK Planter is specifically designed to accentuate the plants you've spent so much time and money cultivating.

Dimensions (approx.)

Planter — Diameter: 4¾ in. Height: approx. 6 in.
Plinth — Widest Dia.: approx. 4½ in. Height: approx. 3 - 3½ in.

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